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What We Offer

What Service We Offer


EC Restoration Services offers prompt water damage restoration, utilizing advanced extraction tools to remove water swiftly and efficiently, followed by thorough drying and dehumidification to prevent further damage.


Our team specializes in fire damage restoration, tackling both structural damage and aesthetic repairs to restore properties to their pre-fire condition, alongside meticulous soot and ash cleanup.


EC Restoration Services effectively removes smoke odors and residues through advanced techniques including thermal fogging and ozone treatment, restoring air quality and surface cleanliness.


We conduct detailed mold testing to identify the presence and type of mold with precision, using state-of-the-art equipment for accurate air and surface sampling and laboratory analysis.


Our mold removal process involves stringent containment and advanced HEPA filtration, followed by the safe removal and disposal of mold-infested materials and application of antimicrobial treatments.


Our flood restoration services quickly mitigate water damage through rapid extraction and drying, coupled with comprehensive sanitation to prevent mold and ensure the area is fully restored.


EC Restoration Services is available 24/7

Client Testimonials

John and Sarah M Happy Client

EC Restoration Services provided exceptional service when our home experienced water damage. Their team responded promptly, and their attention to detail in restoring our property was impressive. We highly recommend their services.

David K Happy Client

We were devastated when our business suffered fire damage, but EC Restoration Services came to our rescue. Their expertise and professionalism throughout the restoration process were remarkable, and they helped us.

Emily R Happy Client

After a small kitchen fire, we were worried about lingering smoke damage, but EC Restoration Services quickly addressed the issue. Their thorough smoke damage restoration services left our home smelling fresh and clean again. Thank you!

Emily and Andrew S Happy Client

Concerned about the presence of mold in our home, we contacted EC Restoration Services for mold testing. Their experienced technicians conducted thorough testing, providing us with accurate results and valuable insights.

Amanda and Daniel R Happy Client

When we discovered mold in our basement, we turned to EC Restoration Services for help. Their mold removal service was comprehensive and effective, ensuring that our home was safe and mold-free.